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SANTINT Smart Tinting & Filling Production Line is about to Delivery Soon.
Recently, a busy production scene presented in the SANTINT workshop, front-line workers remain their posts to finalize the project of smart tinting and filling production line customized for the customer. The project is now about to be delivered to the customer's installation site on a special transport truck.

The project adopts gravimetric dispensing and filling, and is compatible with a wide range of storage tank sizes: 200L drums, 2000L stainless steel tanks, 10000L stainless steel tanks, 5000L plastic tanks. Equipped with 23-head industrial dispenser, the umbrella-shaped nozzle can adapt to smaller size receiving barrels, to ensure accuracy and efficiency, patented separate nozzle structure reduces the amount of rinsing liquid and VOC volatilization, solving the pollution of the environment caused by the leakage of harmful gases.

The filling and tinting production line is equipped with a single head filling machine, which is integrated with the conveyor. The filling efficiency up to2-3 barrels/minute, and the filling accuracy up to 30kg ± 30g; The lifting weighing platform is easy to disassemble, and maintenance and cleaning are effortless; The filter bag interface is designed at the inlet inside the trough to effectively prevent splashing, which is safe and reliable!

The full automatic production line, including automatic barrel entering, automatic lid placing, automatic capping, automatic filling, and automatic palletizing, is fast, safe, and reliable in the production process. While improving the production efficiency and automation level of customers, the product quality is also guaranteed.

SANTINT also equips with a cantilever palletizer, which adopts a movable design to meet the needs of different sites; With the functions of bucket positioning, grabbing and palletizing, operation is more simple, fast and efficient; Programmable control, adjustable parameters such as different barrel height and palletizing spacing, suitable for different barrel sizes; Driven by servo motor, it has high repeated positioning accuracy, and the conveying speed up to 5000 mm/min, which is fast and stable, ensuring productivity and improving efficiency.

Furthermore, the tinting and filling production line can be connected to various color matching instruments, and can interface with customer’s ERP & MAS software. It has the functions of formula management, color tinting management, residual ink management, inventory management, work order design, etc., helping operators to master the coating production process and real-time tracking data in real time, ensuring the production capacity while reducing accident potential, and then help the realization of digital production.

As a smart filling, dispensing and color matching expert, SANTINT will concentrate all their efforts on researching and developing the efficiency of multiple batches and small batches, and help enterprises achieve rapid improvement in their comprehensive strength.

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