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Case Sharing-Automatic Industrial Paint Tinting System
In order to meet the requirements of industrialization, informatization and smart production of TWIN TIGERS COATINGS, SANTINT provides a customized Automatic Industrial Paint Tinting System. The tinting system realizes fully automatic industrial paint flexible manufacturing for the first time in the industry, which is characterized by high automaticity, informatization in production management and pollution-free, solving the problem of small-batch and multi-batch production.

1. Environmentally-friendly
Totally-enclosed operation, pipelining conveying and elimination of VOC emission are available in material conveying, storage, supplementary and other steps. This tinting system can realize direct color matching and dispensing of finished barrels, saving unpredictable environmental pollution in the production process and cleaning steps during moving cylinders.

2. Safe production
Safety protection, occupational health, electrical safety in explosive hazardous environment, interlocking detection and so on shall be taken into fully considered for the tinting line.
- All mechanical moving structures that may cause injury to personnel shall be provided with protective structures and safety interlocks
- Operators will no longer be in direct contact with raw materials to avoid harmful gas inhalation and improve occupational health
- The system is equipped with material anti-overflow interlocking and other safety interlocking protection

3. Informatization in production
- Production data collection and management
- Production quality traceability, batch tracking
- Production task management4.ERP/MES system docking
- Remote visual production of central control

4. Equipment automation
The tinting system realizes the whole process of automatic flexible production, including automatic pails distributing, automatic dispensing, automatic lids placing/capping, automatic mixing and automatic palletizing. No manual intervention in the production process, which improving the degree of production automation and reducing the labor strength of operators.

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