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The Second Stop of SANTINT Global Show Tour—PAINTINDIA 2022 Came to a Perfect Conclusion
The Second Stop of the SANTINT Global Show Tour—PAINTINDIA 2022 Came to a Perfect Conclusion.

PAINTINDIA is the largest and most famous coating show in India and South Asia. The exhibition mainly involves coatings, coating equipment, tinting system and others like dyes, pigments, adhesives, inks, paints, additives, etc.

SANTINT India team, together with many “star products” independently developed by SANTINT, made a stunning appearance at the PAINTINDIA 2022.

The atmosphere of coating show site is bustling; Many customers from different industry stopped at the SANTINT booth to discuss leading color tinting technology with colleagues from SANTINT India team.

A3 Hummingbird Automatic Dispenser

a3 automatic dispenser
A3 Hummingbird Automatic Dispenser, 0.01g super high accuracy, moderate efficiency, simple and convenient operation, economic and practical, reliable quality, which attracted many interested customers at the exhibition site. And some customers confirmed their interested orders on the show site directly. A3 Hummingbird Automatic Dispenser is always the preferred option for the majority of small and medium-sized paint stores.

A5 Automatic Dispenser

a5 automatic dispenser
Similarly, A5 Automatic Dispenser also showed on the site as new product, and attracted a lot of attention and praise from people in the industry. A5 Automatic Dispenser, with 1L/min high efficiency, 0.015g high accuracy, is mainly used for the fluid tinting like coatings, paints, inks, cosmetics, adhesive and additives, etc. It is an ideal choice for high efficiency tinting of liquids.

SANTINT Cloud System

SANTINT Cloud System
Many customers on the trade show are also very interested in SANTINT's cloud system. SANTINT Cloud System is a private cloud monitoring system developed continuously understanding and integrating customers’ demands and solving customers’ pain points in decorative paint/auto paint industry.
The cloud system can fundamentally solve the problem of confusion in management of end-user, and be proactive for maintenance of customer friendly relationship and developing new customer. Good product function solves customers' pain points, improve production efficiency and service quality. Not only does it save cost, but it accelerates the pace of market development, laying a good foundation for the company’s future strategy.

2022 PAINTINDIA has been successfully concluded, but SANTINT 2022 global exhibition tour still goes on. See you at the MECS 2022.


1. MECS: 2022.06.14-16, Dubai, DWTC, Booth 1D41

2. ABRAFATI: 2022.06.21-23, Brazil, SAO PAULO EXPO, Booth D26

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