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Do you still add additives manually?——It's time to see Santint's new technology!

Mildewcide, leveling agents, thickeners, defoamers ... are you and your workshop workers still surrounded by the unpleasant odors released by various additives?


500g, 800g, 1kg, do you still use a trolley, carrying a small scale, with a small notebook, add and record additives carefully?


Are you still dealing with customer complaints while paying for defective products from manual error?


Are you still saddened by the large amount of waste caused by manual addition of additives every year?


Are you still scared to cope with various environmental and safety inspections?


Santint brings you-- Automatic Industrial Dispenser, one machine to solve all your problems.


Automatic Addition, Easy Operation

Computer operation and automatic weighing to reduce reliance on labor;


Accurate Feeding to Eliminate Waste

Improve the efficiency of adding additives, reduce waste and pollution of additives; reduce manual compounding, prevent product errors caused by manual errors, resulting in customer complaints.


Sealed inside the Tank, Green and Environmentally Friendly

Say goodbye to dirty and messy workshop, improve working environment, and easily deal with various inspections.


Data Memory, Real-time Statistics

Convenient for tracking big data of feeding and forming monthly reports for easy management.


ERP Docking, Confidential Formula

The automatic dispensing software can interface with the ERP or MES system without manual intervention in the formula, ensuring the confidentiality of the formula.


Applied Range

This equipment can be applied to the production of liquid products such as latex paint, industrial paint, automotive paint, etc., and supports customization.


Accurate feeding of additives can reduce all kinds of complaints caused by product quality, protect the competitiveness of the product in the market, reduce pollution, make the production workshop site clean and environmentally friendly, which also can be visited by customers, and form fixed assets. Learn more about related cases and customized solutions, please feel free to contact Santint.

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